Our Services

Friendly Facilities for Disabled

The facilities provided for disabled to easily success to GLOMAS premise. GLOMAS also have good and friendly staff to assist the patients and clients so that they will feel confidence and comfortable with GLOMAS

Prosthesis & Orthosis

This is the core business of GLOMAS. Artificial limb for Upper & Lower Limb. Also available ready-made and custom-made braces, splints, supportive device and other orthoses product.

Hearing Aids

Variety of hearing aids to solve hearing losses problem of different level ranges from mild to severe.

Vision Aids

Supplies various of ophthalmic product ranges from basic aid to the big machine.

Mobility Aids

Various type of wheelchair, crutches, walking frame and other mobility aids.

Hospital & Laboratory Equipment

Hospital beds, hospital facilities and medical or laboratory for industry and research purpose.

Medical Disposable

Glove latex, apparel, syringe, head cover, etc.

Implant Orthopaedic

Upcoming program

Future Program

Wait for us. To be announce!!! =)

Nursing Services

Upcoming Program

Premise Cleaning Services

Aside from medical facilities , we also provide cleaning services for school, hospital, building, small and big premises and others.